Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Happy Birthday to Mr.Dave hao , tsk tsk tsk..
He's really a nice guy and helpful fun and happy at his birthday's ,
Was celebrated his birthday party at Bangsa Mist Club.
And i don't know why always we choice will be Mist club ? Haha,what reason myself also don't know !
Omgggg ,I'm so fuzzy at that day ,drunk !
Anyway,birthday man wish you have a nice day .

Some Naughty Pictures
Happy birthday boy ,Huggggg
W/Vanessa Lee and Abee
And pretty guys
DJ monkey,naughty man
i like him spinnin
W/ Justin Chew
W/Ziuiug and Sexy Yvonne
Birthday boy Kiss Kiss me :)
Guoyao :P He always help me :)W/Vanessa and Emily


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some people

Today very no moody,i super miss someone and him
izit i am fall for you already ? i give up my memory already ?
My memory man,i saw you picture with her ! sweet
I hope you choose will be right,i wish you happiness,happy
pass it !can you don't find me again ! i'm scare,tired,sad,suffer
Sorry,we're still friend ! MAN,sorry i'am wrong
I'll stay as long as I choose.

langkawi trip

First time going langkawi trip with them ,OMGG i am super tired never to sleep. SICK !!
Originally,feelling don't want to go the trip already ! but cannot
We going 3day2 night,Sometime i am also enjoyed with them
Directness 2night also super drunk , shit ! scare
alcohol now
Hahaha,Dave i don't know you like my present anot ,hope you like :D
this friday is him birthday celebrate at Bangsa Mist club again . Haha Expect !! Woot
One more things,need to say sorry for My darling Abee And thanks my brother yang and guoyao,jun,janet
they all so support me , i also don't know why ! Anyway, thank you my lover guys
Bikini day
My deep' Abee
Abee W/ Janet
Janet,Jun,AbeeOmg,this couple so sweet,i am very jealousy .Heehee,just frenAll is drunk queen ,Omg,i am so scare !
Have fun with them, Crazy on this time <3>

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Now i very enjoy my life,is coming to forget someone
August 19, 2010 ALL-BLACK-PARTY is very happy on that day !
have a fun day with my guys,expect on next friday white event ! woot


My lover
Elin tan
vivi babyy
Will chang

Good night with my friends
Waiting next friday Mist Club Bangsa white event <3

Monday, August 9, 2010


现在只有酒才可以让我不在想多 !!!!!
拜托,不要在关心我了,我会误会的 ~
还是接受不到 !!!!
最后爱情是怎么一回事,两个爱过的人变得 不认识
谁来急救 没有感觉的彼此,我在你的心中 没有了位置...
Today is Liz wang 'da jie'21th birthday celebrate at pavilion liz wang wish you pretty always happiness always.although not close with her but nice to meet her , she is funny people . MG,is tired today driving whold day .
My deep Vanessa ♥

Darling ♥
3 of us <3>

Birthday girl ' Liz Wang '
Loves :)
Thats all for my saturday night life.
Liz wang " Happy birthday "

Monday, August 2, 2010

I will be happy

Although the miss before and he went to Thailand, in this moment on, I can't think he, after all
In the past few days I have nothing to shed tears, I will learn to give up
My friend said that you and her are very good, I hope he will happy than ever before
Maybe I can't to make him appease, maybe I still a child !
Here I wish him happy, you do not unreasonable, I can leave
If I entirely
of you with her ,I could wish you
Because,I love you <3
I have already tired, do not want to see your information, do not want to ask
Since make me sad, time really flies and he separated the 12 days
I have also started slowly put.

I hope you did not stay with me, i still can happy everday

In fact ,When one people is want to leave you , he would not think of our memories of past.
Hais ..
Now just want to faster graduated, to where I want to go.
Begin to work nearby, and could not afford to keep playing
Want to go to school I want to learn .